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The Lost Ways Scam – But it isn’t

You will probably read in places on the Internet that The Lost Ways is a scam. Well it is not a scam. With this product you will receive one of the best survival books available containing survival tactics and survival tricks that can literally save your life.

When you see people claiming that The Lost Ways is a scam challenge them and ask them if they actually purchased the product and really tried what was inside. Ask them to point out specifically where the scam element is – they won’t be able to do this.

What about websites offering a Discount?

Now this is a scam. You may come across The Lost Ways review websites that claim they can save you money on the product. Do not be tempted by these claims as you will end up being disappointed. These websites are tricking you into purchasing the product through their affiliate link.

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Who is the Author Claude Davis?

Claude Davis is very well known in the field of survival. He is a survival expert with more than 30 years of experience. This is field experience that really counts. He is the founder of one of the world’s most popular survival websites – (ask a prepper).

Davis created The Lost Ways because he was concerned that the majority of people have embraced modern lifestyles and forgotten the essential survival tips and tricks of years gone by.

If the world changes for the worst then there will be a lot of people in trouble who had no idea about this survival stuff. So he set out to create one of the world’s most comprehensive survival guide books.

Who will Benefit from The Lost Ways?

Many people these days are finding life really tough living in the modern world. There is a lot of “downgrading” and “minimalism” going on because people cannot afford to keep up. Self sufficiency is becoming more and more popular and primitive survival skills are becoming in demand.

Knowing how to survive should be something that everybody knows how to do. We live in an uncertain world and anything can happen at any time. The weather is getting more ferocious year on year and, energy resources are being stretched by the growing human population on the planet.

Imagine that you were on vacation somewhere and something went wrong. You find yourself lost in the jungle somewhere with nobody else available to help you for miles around. Would you have the necessary jungle survival skills to stay alive until you reached civilization? Probably not and nor would most people.

Or you could be lost in a desert. In the jungle you may be able to just get by OK. But what do you know about desert survival? There would be no shops for you to buy a “desert survival kit” – you would be entirely on your own and have to survive using your own resources.

What survival clothing would you wear? Without the right survival gear you wouldn’t last too long. What survival food would you look for and what survival cooking would you do? Would you know how to draw up a survival equipment list?

It is all about being prepared for situations that seem hard to imagine but certainly could happen. Nobody can guarantee that they will not be in a situation, at any time in their lives, where they will need to embark on a survival project just to stay alive.

Not only that but The Lost Ways will teach you some of the traditional practices that generations before us used to stay healthy and well. There are great recipes, coping with extreme weather tips, how to erect buildings, outdoor skills such as navigating using the stars and so much more.

The Lost Ways – An in depth look

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is 360 pages long so although this is an in depth guide there is no way we can provide all of the details to you otherwise this review would be never ending.

What we will do is to give you an overview of the chapters within The Lost Ways and in that way you will be able to determine whether it is the right survival PDF for you or not. The truth is that you will be hard pressed to find a survival skills book quite like The Lost Ways.

The Most Important Thing

In this chapter Davis talks about his past and his upbringing with his grandparents. He relays many experiences of a fairly poor life but recalls being happy with what he had at the time and being very grateful for it.

He sees modern living as making people reliant on technology and the belief that the world owes them a living. Consumerism is out of control and people would really struggle if they didn’t have the Internet.

Davis believes that we have lost the power to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. As a species we have become totally reliant upon others and this has lead to physical and mental health problems. He believes that a lot of people don’t even know how to prepare and cook a healthy meal for their families.

Connecting back with the world is something that Davis encourages. We need to know how to grow our own food, treat our own wounds and make and mend our own clothes. These days people own things just for the sake of owning them, but what purpose do these things serve?

With the human population growing at a rate of 1 million every 5 days, nature is being severely put to the test. The wilderness and the overall condition of our planet is now being changed significantly by the human race.

Because of this, natural disasters loom large and can strike at any time. He questions what the modern world would do in the wake of a major disaster. Going back to the old ways that our grandparents knew would certainly help us to survive. This is a very powerful and thought provoking chapter.

How The Early Pioneers Built The Self-Feeding Fire

Here Davis talks about the pioneers trekking across America and having to deal with all kinds of dangers and problems. They had to endure the elements whatever the season and feed and clothe themselves on their epic journey across the country.

One thing that they used to very good effect was a “self-feeding fire”. They needed a fire to be lit during the night to ward off dangerous animals – but they also needed to sleep too so a conventional fire was no good. Learn step by step how to build a self-feeding fire in this chapter. There are lots of useful images to help you.

The Survival Food Of The US Civil War

If you don’t know what a hardtack is then you will learn about them in this chapter. The armies in the civil war basically survived on them. Learn how to make hardtacks that will last for a long time and keep you going because it is a carbohydrate energy source.

If you make hardtacks in the right way they can literally last for years. Everything that you need to know to make hardtacks including the hardware you need as well as ingredients and cooking instructions is in this chapter.

Lost Pioneer Recipes From The 18th Century

This chapter is all about making sustainable meals from readily available ingredients that are either cheap or free. There are a number of classic recipes revealed in this chapter and they include:

  • Bacon Fired Apples
  • Bean Sausage
  • The Poor Man’s Meal
  • Hot Water Cornbread
  • Buttery Sweet Potatoes
  • Scrambled Dinner
  • Blue Flower Featherbed
  • Side Pork And Mormon Gravy
  • Lemon Pie Filling
  • Potato Pancakes
  • Bean Soup
  • Dumplings
  • Milk Toast
  • Cornmeal Mush
  • Corned Beef
  • Skillet Trout
  • Winter red Flannel Hash
  • Spotted Pup
  • Spider Cornbread
  • Gorge Pasta
  • Glazed Turnips

For all of these meals the full recipes are provided and the cooking instructions are explained. You will not be in any doubt what you need to make these meals or how to prepare them. You will even find the cooking times here.

How North American Natives And Early Pioneers Made Pemmican

You may not know what Pemmican is. The Indians of the North American Plains invented it, and it is a nutritional and concentrated food made from lean buffalo meat that is dried. Pemmican became a very sought after commodity and used in a number of exchange situations.

In this chapter you will see how to use pemmican for energy when you are travelling. You will learn how to prepare and cook pemmican and as usual there are plenty of useful images to help you create this amazing food.

Delicious Recipes Using Cattails – The Supermarket Of The Swamp

If you don’t know what cattails are then you definitely should. The scientific name for this versatile plant is Typha Latifolia and it is available for use all year around. It is a very common plant that grows almost anywhere that there is a water source in the West.

Cattails can be used for a number of survival items such as food, water, fuel and shelter. You can use them for crafts, covers for shelters, the creation of blankets, baskets and mats, cordage used for fishing, hunting, the creation of ropes etc. There is fluff inside the plant for the insulation of hats and shoes and pillow stuffing.

Cattails have medical applications as well. The pollen of the plant is astringent and hemostatic which means you can use it to control bleeding etc. The roots can treat insect bites, burns and scrapes. If you burn cattails the ash has antiseptic properties.

You can use cattails for fuel as well and explained in the chapter. Also you will learn about how to use the plant for food in the different seasons. There are a number of recipes provided in this chapter with full instructions for preparation and cooking. Recipes include:

  • Indian Cattail Spoon Bread
  • Cattail Pickles
  • Cattail Wild Rice Soup
  • Cattail Casserole
  • Cattail Acorn Bread
  • Cattail Pancakes
  • Cattail Biscuits


How The Pioneers Built Their Smokehouses

You could find smokehouses in every home years ago. Constructed from bricks and hardwood, smokehouses could preserve meats and make them last for up to a year. You will not see many smokehouses these days but people are using other products to smoke their food.

It is healthy to smoke meat and it is really tasty. You can even smoke fish and cheese as well. It is a very natural way to cook food and it will preserve. Very few products available in supermarkets are healthy now so smoking your food is a great alternative to buying it processed.

This chapter shows you step by step how to build a smokehouse that you can use for your meats and fish. There are some great diagrams and images to help you every step of the way. You will not require a lot of materials and it will not take you long to build.

Then is then a section on how to smoke meat correctly. This is important information to follow as you want to ensure that you kill harmful bacteria and your meat will last a long time and really taste good.

How Sailors From The 17th Century Preserved Water In Their Ships For Months On End

The chapter starts with some history about sailing and how sailors lived their lives at sea. The best ways to preserve water for a long time follows. The importance of preventing algae and bacteria build up and there are solutions provided to create “survival water” which will last for a long period of time.

Then there are techniques shared for filtering water so that it is safe to drink. The techniques date back to the 17th and 18th centuries and are still very effective. No stone left unturned here and you will understand everything that you need to know about safe water. This is a very important chapter and rightly so. There is nothing more important to human survival than water.

How Our Ancestors Made Candles And Glue Out Of Pine Resin

Did you know that you can eat the entire pine tree? Well you can and it has a lot of other uses for survivalists too. The resin of the pine tree features in this chapter which has several different applications such as glue, sealant, fire starting, the treatment of wounds and candles.

You need to know how to tap a pine tree to obtain the precious sap and resin. You will read the best techniques in this chapter. It then goes on to provide all of the ingredients required to make pine candles. Then there are 3 steps that you need to follow to make the candles.

You will also learn how to make glue from pine resin in this chapter. Pine resin glue is strong and not messy or sticky. There are several examples demonstrating how strong this glue is and how it can be used.

How The Sheriffs From The Frontiers Defended Their Villages And Towns

This chapter discusses the defense of the West in days gone by. The movies depict a different situation to what actually happened years ago. There are strategies discussed about how to defend a community looking at the equipment, communications and the overall organization.

There are a number of good points made in a summary to follow. This is a long chapter but an important one as it emphasizes the fact that the current law enforcement arrangements have a number of weaknesses that the old system didn’t.

What Our Ancestors Were Foraging For Or How To Wildcraft Your Table

If you don’t know what wildcrafting is it’s about the collection of wild edibles from around you (your environment). The point made is that food is all around where humans live. If you are miles away from a food supply then you need to know how and where to find survival rations.

There are several examples of edible plants in this chapter and details about the edible parts and how you need to prepare them. You will find details of the harvest times and whether they need to be cooked or whether you can eat them raw.

Making Sourdough And Traditional And Survival Bark Bread

This is all about the old ways of making bread. You will discover techniques for making homemade yeast, and also that the older bread was organic and did not have any additives like most modern bread does.

There is a recipe and cooking instructions for making great bread that really tastes good like it did in 1869. If you want to develop a good survival food supply then make bark bread. You will discover the reasons for this in the chapter. There are a list of ingredients and the necessary steps to make bark bread.

Trapping In Winter For Beaver And Muskrat Just Like Our Forefathers Did

In this chapter you will learn why our forefathers trapped and the very best places in the United States to go trapping. There is a lowdown on the local habitats of beavers and muskrats and the types of traps that you need to use. You will also learn the best places to set traps and how to tan hides and sell them.

How Our Ancestors Made Herbal Poultice To Heal Their Wounds

Imagine you are out in the middle of nowhere and you injure yourself. You are miles away from the nearest medical facility so what do you do? This chapter is all about the poultices that you can make and apply to wounds to soothe and heal them.

You will see a full description of a poultice here and you will learn about some very effective poultice recipes. The recipes include Cataplasma Aromaticum, a poultice for stomachaches, a soothing poultice, a poultice to treat an abscess and a mustard poultice.

Our Ancestors’ Guide To Root Cellars

If you don’t know what a root cellar is then it controls the temperature and humidity for food storage. It will prevent food spoiling in the summer months because of the heat and will also prevent food freezing in the winter. People use root cellars for storing vegetables after harvesting in the autumn, and then store them for many months afterwards.

Root cellars date back around 40,000 years and this chapter discusses their history. After this, what you need to consider if you want to build a root cellar. Once you have a root cellar then what you need to keep and where is next.

Everything you need to know about building and maintaining a perfect root cellar follows. It’s a long chapter but extremely beneficial if you want to get the best out of your fruit and vegetables for as long as you can.

Good Old Fashioned Cooking On An Open Flame

This is all about the benefits of cooking on an open fire. No survival food kits are complete without the knowledge of how to cook using an open flame. You will need the right tools and the knowhow and you will learn everything in this chapter.

You have one of the most comprehensive guides to open flame cooking here and you will learn all of the essential dos and don’ts. You will learn about the different types of open flame cooking and there are some great recipes for making Colcannon, meat pies, soups, wassail, apple pie, biscuits and gravy, Easter cake, porridge, stews and bread.

How Our Ancestors Navigated Without A GPS System

This is a very important chapter as you will learn how to navigate without a GPS system and without maps.  There are six main navigation methods described which are essential for you to learn. The chapter concludes by explaining how you can make your own compass.

Making Your Own Beverages: Beer To Stronger Stuff

In moderation, alcohol can be good for you. This chapter explains the history of beer and then provides a basic recipe for making it. There are full instructions about all elements of the beer making process and you can make your own good beer if you follow them.

Fancy something a bit stronger? Well this chapter has you covered for that too. You will learn how to make a still and then discover everything that you need to know to make a very potent beverage.

Wild West Guns For SHTF And How They Made Gunpowder And A Guide To Rolling Your Own Ammo

Imagine the scenario of devastation where there is no power and other utilities and returning to 19th century living. Weapons would still be required for SHTF but you couldn’t rely upon modern weapons for long as the ammo would run out and if something breaks there is no way to fix it. This chapter provides you the complete A – Z of the best weapons to use and how to make your own gunpowder. This is a very long chapter but vital for your outdoor survival kit so be sure and persevere with it.

Spycraft: Military Correspondence During the 1700’s To 1900’s

This is a very interesting chapter about how to deliver messages secretly when conventional systems are down. You will learn about devices used and techniques of the past. There are instructions for you to recreate these fascinating techniques.

How Our Forefathers Made Knives

If you want to survive then you will need a good knife. People made knives by hand many years ago. Now machines in factories make them.  In this chapter discover how you can make your own knives. Everything you need to know including all forging elements, grinding, hardening and making the handle.

How Northern California Native Americans Build Their Semi-Subterranean Roundhouse

The history of the semi-subterranean roundhouse makes for interesting reading. Native Americans used the same techniques for centuries before the Europeans moved in. You can build your own semi-subterranean roundhouse using the information provided in this chapter.

You will learn every detail from digging the initial hole to the supporting poles and the construction of the roof. Your roundhouse will have an entrance and a fire pit. There are helpful diagrams and images to guide you as well.

How And Why I Prefer To Make Soap With Modern Ingredients

The best survival kit will always include soap. You will learn how to make lye in order to make soap. You will learn why using modern ingredients is the best thing to do and you will also learn the about the equipment you will need to successfully make your own soap. As usual there are helpful images and step by step instructions to assist you.

Temporarily Installing A Wood Burning Stove During Emergencies

If you have no gas or electricity how will you heat your home? The answer is by burning wood. You can also burn wood for cooking as well. Adding a wood burning stove to your home may seem like a daunting task but with the right knowhow it really isn’t.

You will learn why a wood burning stove is a better choice than a fireplace. Next is how to temporarily install your wood burning stove. You will even learn which woods are the best at producing heat and where you can find them.

Practical Survival Lessons From The Donner Party

The Donner Party was a tragic story where many people died because they were unprepared for survival. You will be able to read the full Donner Party story in this chapter. After reading this you will learn the essential survival tips that are lessons learned from this tragedy. This is a very powerful chapter and a must read.

Learning From Our Ancestors How To Take Care Of Our Hygiene When There Isn’t Anything To Buy

Keeping your body and your teeth clean should certainly be on your survival items list. In the old days the hygiene product that we take for granted today were not available so they made their own – and they were very effective. Discover the old fashioned way to make soap. Also discover how to make toothpaste at home that will clean your teeth properly.

How Our Forefathers Made Snow Shoes For Survival

In the old days the oncoming of winter was prepared for meticulously. It is the most difficult time of year to survive. Thanksgiving is a celebration of being prepared for winter. In wintertime not do you only have to contend with low temperatures but there is not much food about either.

Snow will slow everything down. Getting around will be tough without the right footwear so the snowshoe was devised. A good snow shoe will reduce the amount of energy that you need to expend just to walk. This chapter shows you every step that you need to take to make quality snowshoes. There are even tips on how to use them properly.

How Our Forefathers Built Their Sawmills, Grain Mills And Stamping Mills

Discover the history of using the kinetic energy in running water to power mills. Understand the physics and the math here too. Learn about how gears and belts work and then you can go on to build your own water wheel with the full instructions and helpful images provided.

How to order The Lost Ways and what you will get

Purchasing and accessing The Lost Ways is very simple. The book is in PDF format and everything is digital. Go to the official website here and then watch the video for a while. You will see an “Order Now” button appear below the video. Click on this to go to the order page.

Clickbank, which is the world’s largest digital retailer, handles the sales of The Lost Ways. You will need to fill out some basic details and choose a payment method. After making your payment the download page for the product and the bonuses appears. You can then download everything onto your device (computer, smart phone or tablet). Clickbank will also send you an email with a direct link to the download page.

The Lost Ways book is 360 pages long. It is very comprehensive but easy to read at the same time. There are a lot of images and diagrams which make the book longer. The Lost Ways is around 16 Mega bytes so it shouldn’t take long to download with a broadband Internet connection.

At the time of writing The Lost Ways review there are two reports available as bonuses. Claude Davis writes both these:

A Step By Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System

Learn how you can create your own can rotation system that will provide you with up to 700 cans of food. You need this system so that you can avoid wasting money through trashing food that is past its expiration date.

What Every Survivalist Should Grow in the Backyard

Here you will learn about the very best plants to grow due to their nutrients and strength. When you have a garden full of these types of plants you can be sure that you and your family always has nutritious food available.

The Verdict

Planning for the unexpected makes a lot of sense. Our world is becoming more and more unpredictable each day and the next disaster could be waiting for you around the corner. This is not negative thinking but being prepared for the worst if it were to happen. There are other advantages of knowing these survival techniques and saving money and eating more healthily are just two of them.

Everything in The Lost Ways makes a lot of sense. You do not have to do everything that the book recommends of course so you can choose what suits your individual situation. The average person can easily follow the directions provided in the book.

If you are interested in survival techniques then we strongly recommend The Lost Ways. This book has a full 60 day money back guarantee so you are not at risk if you purchase it. The Lost Ways really is the most comprehensive survival guide PDF out there.

We hope that you found The Lost Ways review helpful and informative. Visit the official The Lost Ways website here to find out more.